Motivation, Yes

As a coach, I know that there is nothing more important than motivation.

Unless we are motivated to overcome the bits in our life that keep us playing small, that keep us from taking risks, that keep us from feeling sorry for ourselves, that keep us believing that success is beyond our grasp or is not something for us, then we will never have the energy, determination and persistence to achieve a better and happier life.

Success is almost always the direct result of failure.  The difference between those who end up succeeding and those who don’t is usually that the one who succeeds has the motivation to learn a lesson, pick themselves up and try again until they do find a way to succeed.  Without the motivation that carries us onward in the face of failure, finding success is impossible.

In the end, we work smarter and harder, we are open to learning and growth, we create new lives because we are motivated to engage change rather than resisting and fearing it.

In the world, it is easy to get pounded by the everyday pressures and challenges of modern life.   This is why coaching sessions are designed to help you step back from all that noise, to focus in on your own bigger picture, to help you recover your own motivation to claim the possibilities that are inside you.

With clear motivation, your energy can flow enough to look at challenges in a new way, to find new and innovative solutions, to hold yourself accountable to your own possibilities.

It is this kind of encouragement, this kind of “Yes!  And. . .” that I bring to my own work as your coach.  I move beyond my everyday to hold your glowing possibilities out, to remind you that they hold the key to unlocking your own energy, making new choices, and learning to flow powerfully in the world.

Motivation always comes from knowing that you have much to offer if you can just get yourself out of the way of your own possibilities enough to let them carry you into a brighter future.

Coaching sessions are a place to remember that energy, a moment away from the pounding of life to let your own motivation swell enough to carry you through hard choices to new creations that you can own with pride.  Once you trust your own possibilities can come true in the world, you build a habit of success that lifts you above what you believed your limits to be and into a brighter future.

I want you to find and trust your own motivation.  I want you to get out of the way of your possibilities and use your energy to make a better life.

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