Becoming certified as a Co-Active™Coach was an intense and wonderful year and a half process. During this certification process, I learned a huge amount about myself and the power of curiosity. I believe that my clients, while unique, share something in common: They are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and with a curious partner, can explore themselves in a way that can and does yield positive transformation.

While in certification, I charged very low fees; clients were helping me and taking a risk on an untried coach.  I believe in my services being attainable, so I still charge on a sliding scale based on client income.

You can book a sample session here: sample sessions are free of charge. (You’ll be sending an email to Bridget, our Chaos Control Specialist!)

Why coaching? 

A coaching relationship is an ongoing conversation between equals. The coach has the primary function of listening, providing feedback, and asking honest questions of the client in service of the client’s goals.

Coaching–Isn’t that just another way of saying therapy? 

Nope. A foundational premise of this kind of coaching is that the client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaching isn’t based in problem solving or the treatment of illness—the idea is to maximize success.

How do you choose the right coach? 

The relationship between client and coach is where the real power lies. I strongly urge potential clients to try out more than one coach (many coaches offer free sample sessions) and go with the person about whom they feel the best.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you might want to get in touch.

  • Is it time  to transform your business?
  • Would your life be better if you were more present in the moment, more ready to take the offers that life gives you?
  • Do you have a dream, but you keep putting off turning it into reality?

My goal is to help you unleash all of your creative power, to make the most of your life.